Kava root powder, Vanuatu premium grade


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Also known as
Piper methysticum

Kava is a plant belonging to the Piper or Pepper genus of plants, long used as a traditional ceremonial drink in the Pacific islands that encourages social bonding, reduction of fear, & a peaceful state of mind.

Kavalactones, kawahin, yanoginin, methysticin, glycosides

Harvest Data
Origin: Vanuatu
Cultivated without chemicals
Powdered root
Premium grade

Powdered root can be used to make a thick milky drink, and capsules can be taken for those with sensitive taste buds. The cut root can be somewhat effectively brewed into tea, however this method is not as potent as when taking the powdered root. It is recommended to take powdered root in a cold drink with no filtration, as some actives are destroyed by heat and others are not extracted with water. This is one of the best ways to experience the joys of Kava! Alternatively, the cut root can be chewed directly or extracted with room temperature to warm milk and filtered for a delicious and relaxing drink!

Recommended dose = 4-8 grams or 1-2 tablespoons per servings

The natives of the Pacific islands have used kava for hundreds if not thousands of years and has a safe traditional & historical use. It can be highly sedative and has been known to numb certain body parts of the body. Kava functions as primarily as a GABA receptor agonist, without the side effects caused by common pharmaceuticals that work with these receptors. Some studies have shown that kava root can actually upregulate the GABA receptors, producing what some call a 'reverse-tolerance'. This means that when consumed within reason, kava has a long lasting calming effect on those who consume it.

Kava has been reported to be somewhat heavy on the liver, however it is believed that this is due to improper harvesting and non-traditional use of the herb. Regardless, it is unwise to mix kava root with alcohol or liver taxing herbs or medicines.

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