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Titans Mocha is a blend that is perfect for the athlete or the lover, an energizing and invigorating herbal formulation spiced with raw chocolate and garam masala, this blend is built to enhance core energy levels and support the vital functions of the body's neurotransmitter & endocrinal hormone systems.


Luzea root,
Safed Musli,
Wild Yam,
White pepper,

This formulation has a mild & neutral taste, and is recommended to be taken at up to 2 tablespoons per day on an empty stomach for best results. The powder can be taken as is, or alternatively brewed or mixed with a drink (we recommend hot cocoa or coffee). Tea & capsules are semi-effective and only recommended as a secondary option.

Luzea, more commonly known as Maral root is an adaptogen originating from Siberia, lesser known but equally as impressive as Rhodiola rosea, another Siberian adaptogen. Luzea contains steroid-type compounds and the root has androgenic, stimulant, adaptogenic, weight loss, and immune system elevating effects.

Cordyceps mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, modern research has also affirmed its value. In the Chinese system of medicine, Cordyceps is considered primarily a lung & kidney tonic, strengthening the ability of the lungs to generate Qi from breath, while both nourishing & stimulating Jing energy, which is housed in the kidneys. Scientific studies show the main activities of the fungus are oxygen-free radical scavenging, anti-aging, endocrine nourishing, cholesterol-reducing, cardiovascular tonifying, and sexual function-restorative activities. Furthermore, Cordyceps has mood-enhancing effects, stimulates the nervous system, improves glucose metabolism, greatly enhances relaxed deep breathing, protects the liver, tonifies the immune systems, has anti-inflammatory properties, and reduces damage that can occur from disorders of the kidney.

Cacao is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, & pleasure-inducing substances such as anandamide (cannabinoid-agonist – cacao is the only food source), phenylethylamine (the love hormone), theobromine (natural stimulant), & MAO-inhibitors (which increase serotonin, endorphin, & dopamine levels). Cacao regulates & protects the heart, enhances circulation, increases stamina & endurance while providing the necessary conditions to promote an aphrodisiac effect. The theobromine in cacao raises dopamine levels & functions in a very similar way to caffeine with a more pronounced vasodilating action which increases blood flow to the brain & extremities. The vitamins and minerals contained in cacao play crucial roles in the co-factors needed to produce our hormones & neurotransmitters, while nourishing the body with the proper nutrients required to support a healthy, active life.

Safed musli is a popular supplement for increasing testosterone, improving libido and increasing energy. It does not contain testosterone, but rather promotes the body to increase it's own production.

Tribulus is an herb utilized in both Ayurveda & Tradtional Chinese Medicine with a rich history of use as a nourishing aphrodisiac tonic. Tribulus is believed to increase circulating levels of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone via its constituent protodioscin. Tribulus also slightly elevates dopamine levels via its beta-carboline content.

Maca is a potent adaptogen with a stunning vitamin & mineral profile that can only be achieved thanks to its unique growth environment in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Maca boosts energy levels, regulates the endocrine system to balance hormones & support a healthy libido. Maca also increases physical & mental strength which fortifies one's determination & willpower. Maca is a profoundly well-rounded superfood that can dramatically improve quality of life when used long-term.

Wild yam has been used throughout Asia, India, & Europe as a medicinal root for its hormone enhancing actions. Wild yam contains diosgenin, a compound very important to the medical industry as a precursor to hormones in a laboratory setting. Thanks to the structural activity of the compound, it and its metabolites are believed to have activity similar to some hormones, such as testosterone and progesterone.

Fenugreek is a nutritious herb with many uses, finding its niche somewhere in between health and spices, like most other pleasant tasting tonic herbs. The seeds in addition to providing a variety of nutrients and phytochemicals that support general health, also have a particularly potent action at increasing the levels of growth hormones circulating in the human body. Fenugreek is traditionally considered a female tonic, increasing breast growth and milk production, but has a shared activity at increasing hormone count for both men and women.

Turmeric is a relative of the Ginger family, is native to India and is quite the amazing health tonic, invigorating the blood, improving the immune system, relaxing inflamed joints & muscles, providing immense anti-oxidant potential, and even improving brain function while enhancing energy and a positive sense of well-being.

Cinnamon functions as a central nervous system stimulant & mental enhancing nootropic herb. It contains a potent anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory profile & is used to effectively lower blood pressure & blood sugar levels, maintaining a steady flow of energy that lasts throughout the day.

Cardamom is most commonly used as an exotic spice, an ingredient in masala chai teas, or as a digestive aid, chewed with fennel after a meal to enhance digestion or to ward off an upset stomach. It has an impressive array of aromatics present in its essential oil and can be used in a multitude of spice & herb blends, either as a medicinal for its aromatic flavor. Cardamom is extremely effective at stopping stomach pains, even those that are drug induced or experienced during pregnancy. Cardamom is also a well known remedy for low sexual response & impotence.

Clove is a dried aromatic flower with a spicy, numbing taste. They have local anesthetic properties & when brewed into tea or chewed can decrease inflammation of the stomach, mouth & lungs, making them an excellent herb for those suffering from tooth pains, or bronchial/digestive inflammation.

Cumin is a seed based spice, with a strong meaty flavor often used to flavor Indian dishes such as curry, and is of prime importance as an ingredient in Garam masala.

White pepper consists of the seed of the pepper plant alone, with the darker-coloured skin of the pepper fruit removed. This is usually accomplished by a process known as retting, where fully ripe red pepper berries are soaked in water for about a week, during which the flesh of the pepper softens and decomposes. Rubbing then removes what remains of the fruit, and the naked seed is dried.

Coriander is the seed of the Cilantro plant, and has a sweet, fruity, and nutty flavor. It has activity as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and can improve the excretion of heavy metals from the body.

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