Medicated herbal teas

Adaptogen Chai medicated tea

This formulation is a masterfully blended Rasayana utilizing the most powerful adaptogens & potent spices, yielding an authentic Ayurvedic masala... more info

Easy Journey medicated tea

Easy Journey is a relaxing tea blend based on choice calming herbs combined with mood lifting spices, the dance of these plants combined offers... more info

Essiac medicated tea powder

Essiac is a traditional herbal remedy originally used by the Canadian Ojibway Indians as a cure-all tonic & body cleanser. Essiac became known thanks... more info

Lotus Ecstasy medicated tea

Lotus Ecstasy is a modern work of alchemy, a hand-crafted blend of sacred Egyptian & African herbs, which combined elicit an ecstatic state of... more info

MindWill medicated herbal powder

MindWill is a cognitive enhancing & motivation optimizing blend formulated from the most potent adaptogens in the world. The herbs in this blend are... more info

Moonlit Slumber medicated herbal powder

Moonlit Slumber is a premier formulation for a deep nights sleep, six herbs hand selected for their ability to quiet the mind & body, promoting a... more info

Nirvana Chai medicated tea

This formulation is an exceptional blend of adaptogenic herbs and authentic chai spices, yielding a potent brew that supports all the major functions... more info

Pacify the Heart medicated tea

Pacify the Heart herbal tea is an all natural blend of healing and tonifying herbs, designed to nourish the heart, dilate the vascular system,... more info

Phoenix Remedy medicated tea

Phoenix Remedy is a masterfully crafted herbal tea designed to enhance the immune system, cleanse the body of parasites, detoxify the liver and the... more info

Rainforest Clarity medicated tea

Rainforest Clarity is a blend of seven herbs, hand selected from the Amazon rainforest, combined in a manner to uplift the spirit while focusing the... more info

Rainforest Root Beer medicated tea

Rainforest Root Beer herbal tea is a work of love & art, hand-crafted to elicit the most powerful energy of all; that which is sourced from the... more info

Serenity Grove medicated tea

Serenity Grove herbal tea is nature's answer to the modern day problem that is a depressed mood and functioning brought about anxiety, stress, or... more info

Triphala medicated tea powder

Ingredients: Amlaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica) Introduction Triphala is a widely used... more info

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