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MindWill is a cognitive enhancing & motivation optimizing blend formulated from the most potent adaptogens in the world. The herbs in this blend are chosen for their efficacy at strengthening mental function, boosting neurotransmitter levels, & increasing will power through the nourishment of the the sexual organs & kidney; the primal sources of vital life energy.


Rhodiola rosea,
Schizandra berry,
Ginkgo biloba,
Muira puama,
Intellect tree seeds,
Cassia cinnamon,

This formulation can be taken as a filtered tea or alternatively the powder can be consumed as is. (1 serving = 1-3 tsp; 1 tsp / 1 cup infusion - lightly boiled for 1-2 minutes).

This particular combination is extremely effective at rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. Schizandra functions as an adaptogen and increases the healthy production & preservation of bodily fluids. These fluids are then efficiently transported to the brain and peripheral body parts by ginkgo biloba, muira puama, & ginger, while damiana & catuaba stimulate the pleasure centers of the mind and provide a sense of well-being through their euphoric effects. Rhodiola & eleuthero are the foundations of the blend, greatly strengthening physical & mental functioning while enhancing the neurotransmitter stimulation brought about by the other herbs in the formulation. This is a very powerful herbal combination which can best be appreciated when used consistently for a period of one or more weeks. Tobacco & alcohol consumption will weaken some of the positive cumulative effects this blend can bestow upon the user.

Rhodiola rosea is an unparalleled adaptogen, second to none, and has the ability to balance and strengthen the body in all areas. Mechanisms of action include mild MAO-A & MAO-B inhibition, acetylcholine esterase inhibition, enhanced endorphin production, improved transport of neurotransmitters past the blood brain barrier, site specific dopamine & norepinephrine elevation, blood sugar regulation, immense anti-oxidant support, & much more. Rhodiola has a balanced effect between motivating & calming, uplifting the spirit & enhancing motivation. Rhodiola offers an unparalleled synergistic effect with near all combined herbs and is a key component of this formulation.

Schizandra Berry is a nourishing and protective tonic adaptogen, often referred to as the five flavor berry, it influences all the major organs of the body and restrains the leakage of the essence, preserving essential hormones & core vital energy. Schizandra has nootropic & anti-fatigue action but is not stimulating, increasing physical working capacity, mental functioning, quickening reflexes & accelerating restorative processes within the body. Schizandra improves the body's ability to deal with stress, stimulates the immune system, greatly strengthens & detoxifies the liver, improves breathing capabilities, beautifies the skin, sharpens vision, and both creates & preserves the creation of bodily fluids, preventing excess sweating, premature ejaculation, & more. Schizandra also functions as CYP3A4 inhibitor, an acetylcholin esterase inhibitor, and a COMT inhibitor.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the best tools available for the delivery of nutrients to the entire body, improving blood, oxygen, & glucose circulation without increasing blood pressure. Ginkgo also has potent antioxidant action, protecting the nervous & circulatory systems, regulates multiple neurotransmitter systems, preventing age associated declines in their functioning, and enhances memory, concentration, & mood. Ginkgo is a GABA/Glycine site antagonist, a significant norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, and facilitates the stimulation of acetylcholine.

Muira puama is a powerful nootropic herb and stimulant with aphrodisiac and adaptogenic qualities. Muira puama enhances energy and motivation via beta-adrenergic and d1 dopamine receptors while improving memory & focus through acetylcholine esterase inhibition. Muira puama is a potent neuroprotective & neuroregenerative agent, a potent circulatory stimulant, contains a wide variety of essential oils with potent anti-oxidant qualities, & increases overall sensitivity to all stimuli, including one's dreams. Catuaba is the premier mood enhancing & aphrodisiac herb of the Amazon, enhancing ones sexual drive & desire, greatly improving blood flow through a potent vasodilatory action, and both increases energy levels while producing a calming effect. Catuaba functions as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor & stimulates the flow of serotonin & acetylcholine in the brain, producing effects such as improvement in memory, motivation, mood, concentration, & sociability.

Intellect tree has been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic practitioners as a powerful mental and physical stimulant. Oil of the seed has been used to help physical weakness, mental confusion & fatigue, alleviate asthma symptoms, reduce headaches, relieve joint pain and arthritis. Celastrus is very effective at improving mental function while increasing memory recall and retention and has championed itself as one of the choice herbal supplements for those working to improve dream recall, and to achieve lucid states.

Eleuthero is an ancient adaptogen from the East, similar to Rhodiola & ginseng but more stress reducing than stimulating in nature. Eleuthero strengthens the para-sympathetic nervous system's rest & relax responses, and buffers against the effects of stress & anxiety. Eleuthero elevates the levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, & endorphin.

Rosemary is a renown spice, best known for its ability to flavor and preserve food, and is now being studied for its potential in supporting those with cognitive impairments as well as for general memory enhancement. Rosemary is so potent and effective at improving memory, that recent studies show an astonishing improvement in multiple areas tested, even just from smelling the herb itself.

Damiana nourishes the nervous system and stimulates blood flow to the sexual organs, toning & strengthening the nervous & hormonal systems. Damiana improves mood, reduces anxiety, and has a mildly euphoria effect. Damiana functions as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and can be considered to be a more feminine version of catuaba, although it does not increase estrogen levels.

Cinnamon functions as a central nervous system stimulant & mental enhancing nootropic herb. It contains a potent anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory profile & is used to effectively lower blood pressure & blood sugar levels, maintaining a steady flow of energy that lasts throughout the day.

Ginger is a sweet & spicy aromatic herb with strong anti-inflammatory properties, functions as a natural painkiller, is a powerful anti-nausea tool, provides a number of anti-oxidants, enhances the immune system, improves nerve health, cognition, strengthens the heart, & improves ease of blood flow.

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