Neuroserpentry teapills


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Neuroserpentry is a potent and fast acting combination of the most exotic and effective cognition enhancing adatogenic herbs, working in a sophisticated manner allowing for stimulation of the mental and physical, while contributing to a cool and detached demeanor.

Neuroserpentry is a proprietary blend of Chinese senega root, also known as Polygala tenuifolia, a relatively unknown yet powerful mental tonic with ACHE and NMDA antagonistic properties, this senega, or snake root is then fortified with a full spectrum extract of red Panax ginseng root specified for a 10% content of ginsenosides, the combination of these herbs producing a mentally stimulating effect not achieved by either alone. This powerful pair is further supported by muira puama bark, Chinese calamus root, and bacopa monneiri herb, three powerful memory tonics and mental lubricants, who are then complimented by the addition of two powerful extracts, one of bacopa totaling a 50% content of bacoside A, and the other of gotu kola, concentrated up to 15% triterpenes. This collection of cognition enhancing herbs are then bound together with a number of bioactive spices, such as cinnamon, rosemary, licorice, galangal, lime, black pepper and extracts of ginger, and black pepper, specified for 5% gingerols and 90% piperine respectively. These spices and extracts improve absorption, decrease gastrointestinal side effects, and add a hint of their own character to the experience. The end combination, like a serpent, coils and slithers throughout the brain, unifying circuitry and helping to unite the many neural networks that shape our conscious awareness.

400-450 mg herbs per capsule, 50 vegetarian capsules sealed in a brown amber glass jar.

1-4 capsules taken as needed for an increase in serotonin levels and acetylcholine activity, leading to fiery mental energy and general neurocognitive benefits.

Ginseng can be quite stimulating to some users. Cycling this blend occasionally is recommended in such cases.

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