Poria mushroom powder


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Also known as
Wolfiporia extensa, Poria cocos, Fu Ling

Poria is a fungus in the family Polyporaceae. It is a wood-decay fungus but has a subterranean growth habit. It is notable in the development of a large, long-lasting underground sclerotium that resembles a small coconut. W. extensa is also used extensively as a medicinal mushroom in Chinese medicine. Indications for use in the traditional Chinese medicine include promoting urination, to invigorate the spleen function (i.e., digestive function), and to calm the mind.

Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, Pachymic acid

Harvest Data
Origin: China
Powdered mushroom

Poria can be eaten straight, brewed into coffee or tea, or utilized in numerous recipes as a thickening agent, similar to starch. Recommended amount is 1-3 teaspoons per serving.

Poria is a well established medicinal mushroom utilized in the Chinese system of traditional medicine (TCM). It is claimed to strengthen shen, or spirit, and to reduce anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Modern studies on one active constituent, pachymic acid, show numerous beneficial effects that match these traditional uses, with research currently demonstrating that the mushroom has multiple properties that are of interest to those who are dealing with cancer, anxiety, and inflammation.

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