Allspice berry

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen with both calming and invigorating effects. Typically found in India, it is often used by those with overworked and tense... more info

Angelica root

Also known as Angelica archangelica Introduction Angelica archangelica is an ancient herb, renown to the old world and still heralded in the new, the... more info

Anise seed

Also known as Anisum vulgare, Pimpinella anisum Introduction Anise is a popular herb, belonging to the Apiaceae family and cousin to fennel, cumin,... more info

Bee pollen granules

Also known as Pollen Introduction Bee pollen is a spectacular example of the wonders of nature, created by the process of bees collecting nectar from... more info

Birch bark, sweet

Also known as Betula alba, Betula lenta Introduction The sweet birch is a large tree native to North America used as a pain reliever, antipyretic,... more info

Bitter orange peel

Also known as Citrus aurantium Introduction The Bitter orange comes from an evergreen tree with long spines and extremely aromatic flowers. The fruit... more info

Black pepper

Also known as Piper nigrum Introduction Black pepper is native to India is the worlds most traded spice, found beside a large amount of dinner tables... more info

Black seed

Also known as Nigella sativa, Black cumin seed Introduction Nigella sativa is native to Asia and is a less commonly used spice. It has been called by... more info

Cacao beans, nibs, and powder

Also known as Raw Chocolate, Theobroma cacao, Food of the Gods, Xocolatl, Cocoa Introduction The Cacao fruit in it's entirety was used among the... more info

Calamus root, Indian (Triploid)

Also known as Acorus calamus, Sweet flag, Indian Calamus, Eurasian Calamus Introduction Acorus calamus is a wetland lover with extremely pleasant... more info

Cardamom seeds and pods

Also known as Elettaria cardamomum, True cardamom Introduction Cardamom is the name of an aromatic seed & pod harvested from the plant Elettaria... more info

Carob nibs and powder

Also known as Ceratonia siliqua Introduction Ceratonia siliqua is an evergreen shrub from the Fabaceae family which produces a chocolate-tasting seed... more info

Cayenne pepper powder

Also known as Capsicum annuum, red hot chili pepper Introduction Cayenne pepper is an especially spicy cultivar of the Capsicum genus, belonging to... more info

Cayenne pepper tincture

Tinctured herbal extract of Cayenne fruit (Capsicum annuum), preserved in 45% alcohol. Approximately 750 mg to 1 gram of herb per dropper. Also known... more info

Cinnamon bark, Cassia/Zeylon

Also known as Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum zeylanicum Introduction Cinnamon is Greek meaning 'to strip off the bark' and has been used for over... more info

Clove buds

Also known as Syzygium aromaticum, Eugenia aromaticum Introduction Cloves are strongly scented dried flower buds native to Indonesia and used as a... more info

Coconut water powder

Also known as Cocos nucifera Introduction The coconut is a large stone fruit (drupe) from tropical palm tree in the Arecaceae family. It is the only... more info

Dulse leaf and powder

Also known as Rhodymenia palmata, Red Dulse, Sea Lettuce flakes Introduction Dulse is a red seaweed harvested from Canada and close waters that can... more info

Fennel seeds

Also known as Foeniculum vulgare, sweet fennel, finocchio Introduction Fennel is a flowering plant of the celery family which is indigenous to the... more info

Galangal root, Greater

Also known as Alpinia officinarum Introduction Galangal is the pungent root of a medicinal spice in the Zingiberaceae or Ginger family of plants.... more info

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