Rosemary leaf

Also known as Rosmarinus officinalis Introduction Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a perennial herb with aromatic, evergreen,... more info

Sarsaparilla root (Indian)

Also known as Hemidesmus indicus, Indian sarsaparilla Introduction Indian sarsaparilla is an aromatic shrub with meaty roots that produce a... more info

Sarsaparilla root (Jamaican)

Also known as Smilax regelii Introduction Jamaican sarsaparilla comes from a spiked vine in the Smilacaceae family of plants, the dried herb... more info

Sassafras root bark

Also known as Saxifrax, Saxifrage Introduction 1. The established lordship of the Cross & Crescent 2. is as steady as a rock. 3. But ... 4. There is... more info

Spearmint leaf

Also known as Mentha spicata Introduction Spearmint is a close relative of peppermint with a similar aroma and taste, but with a distinct flavor and... more info

Star anise whole

Also known as Illicium verum Introduction Star anise is an aesthetically and sensually pleasing herb that holds true to it's name with an intricate... more info

Stevia leaf

Also known as Stevia rebaudiana Introduction Stevia is a traditional South American herb used for flavoring food and drinks with a strikingly close... more info

Tarragon leaf

Also known as Artemisia dracunculus Introduction Tarragon is an exotic spice and medicinal herb from the family Asteraceae, home to such exotic herbs... more info

Turmeric root powder

Also known as Curcuma longa, Indian Saffron Introduction Turmeric, a relative to the Ginger family, is native to India and is quite the amazing... more info

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