Standardized extracts

Schisandra extract
(10% schisandrins)
Schisandra chinensis

Also known as Schisandra chinensis, Five flavor berry, wǔ wèi zi Introduction Schizandra is an extremely potent adaptogen and antioxidant which has... more info

Shilajit extract
(40% fulvic acid)
Asphaltum punjabianum

Also known as Shilajit, Asphaltum punjabianum Introduction Shilajit is a mixture of minerals utilized in Ayurvedic medicine as a nourishing and... more info

Soy bean extract
(20% isoflavones)
Glycine max

Also known as Glycine max Full spectrum hydro-alcoholic extract of soy bean, standardized to a 20% isoflavone content Introduction The soybean is a... more info

Soy Lecithin extract
Glycine max

Also known as Ptd-L-Ser, PS Phospholipid extract of soy lecithin, standardized to a 20% phosphatidylserine content Introduction Phosphatidylserine is... more info

Soybean extract
(98% daidzein)
Glycine max

Also known as daidzein, soy isoflavone, Glycine max Standardized extract of glycine max, specified to a 98% concentration of daidzein. Introduction... more info

Stephania extract
(99% L-THP)

Also known as L-Tetrahydropalmatine, L-THP, Stephania japonica isolate Introduction L-Tetrahydropalmatine, more commonly known as L-THP, is an... more info

Tribulus extract
(50% saponins)
Tribulus terrestris

Also known as Tribulus terrestris, Puncture Vine, Caltrop Introduction Tribulus terrestris is a vine with thorny fruits sharp and strong enough to... more info

Triphala extract
(30% tannins)
Emblica officinalis, Terminalia spp.

Ingredients: Extracts of Amlaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica) specified to a... more info

Turmeric extract
(95% curcuminoids)
Curcuma longa

Also known as Turmeric, Curcuma longa, curcumin Introduction Turmeric, a relative to the Ginger family, is native to India and is quite the amazing... more info

Valerian extract
(0.8% valeric acid)
Valeriana officinalis

Also known as Valeriana officinalis Full spectrum extract of Valerian root concentrated to a 0.8% valeric acid content. Introduction Contrary to... more info

White Peony extract
(50% paeoniflorin)
Paeonia lactiflora

Also known as Paeoniflorin, Paeonia lactiflora extract, White peony extract Standardized extract of white peony root, specified to a 50%... more info

White willow extract
(98% salicin)
Salix alba

Also known as White willow, Salicin Standardized extract of Salix alba standardized to a Salicin concentration of 98%. Introduction Salix alba, more... more info

Yohimbe extract
(8% yohimbine)
Pausinystalia johimbe

Also known as Pausinystalia yohimbe, Corynanthe yohimbe Full spectrum hydro-alcoholic extract of Yohimbe bark, standardized to a 8% yohimbine content... more info

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