Amber glass tincture bottles with eyedropper lid

These lab-grade glass tincture bottles are perfect for your hand-made herbal concoctions! Multiple sizes available: 1/2 fl oz 1 fl oz 2 fl oz 4 fl oz more info

Cotton Sock Tea Filter

Wonderful tea brewing and tincture making tool! Stretchy unbleached cotton with a wire frame makes filtering quick and painless! We prefer this tool... more info

Digital Milligram Scale (50g x 0.001 g)

Professional Digital Mini Scale - Diamond brand Weighs up to 50 grams and down to a single mg (0.001 g) Recommended for extract and supplement... more info

Empty vegetable capsules (Tapioca)
Size '00'

100% plant derived. Kosher and Halal. No preservatives, additives, gluten, or GMO. Made from only Tapioca starch and purified water. These capsules... more info

Mesh stainless steel teaball 3"

Stainless steel 3" mesh teaball. Perfect for straining loose leaf or coarsely powdered herbs. Disclaimer The statements made on this website have not... more info

Muslin Drawstring Tea Bags

100% cotton unbleached muslin cloth reusable teabags with drawstring. Effective and convenient for brewing loose leaf and herbal teas. Small... more info

The Capsule Machine

One of the best encapsulating machines on the market, allowing one to fill, seal, and eject 24 capsules at a time. Comes with a tamping device,... more info

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