Vitamins and supplements

(99% 5-HTP)
Griffonia simplicifolia

Also known as 5htp, 5-hydroxy-tryptophan Introduction Griffonia simplicifolia is a plant from the leguminous bean & seed producing family known as... more info

Acetyl L-Carnitine powder

Also known as Acetylcarnitine, ALCAR Introduction ALCAR is metabolized into and is itself an acetylated form of L-carnitine, which is an essential... more info

Alpha-GPC powder

Also known as L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine Introduction L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC) is a natural biosynthetic precursor of... more info

Alpha-Lipoic acid powder

Also known as a-lipoic acid, ALA, Lipoic acid (LA), Thioctic acid Introduction ALA is a fatty acid found in cell mitochondria. It is involved in... more info

Astaxanthin 2%
(Red Algae extract)
Haematococcus pluvialis

Also known as Astaxanthin, Haematococcus pluvialis extract Introduction Astaxanthin is a deep dark red colored keto-carotenoid of the terpene class.... more info

Betaine powder (Trimethylglycine)

Also known as Betaine, TMG, Trimethylglycine Introduction Betaine is an amino acid derivative, human metabolite of Choline, and a component of... more info

Black rice extract
(25% anthocyanins)
Oryza sativa

Also known as Oryza sativa L., Black rice anthocyanin extract Introduction Rice is another one of the most valuable known plants of humanity,... more info

Blueberry extract
(25% anthocyanins)
Vaccinium spp.

Also known as Vaccinium angustifolium, Blueberry extract Introduction Blueberries are a popular health supportive fruit, boasting a powerful... more info

Cacao extract
(20% theobromine)
Theobroma cacao

Also known as Raw Chocolate, Theobroma cacao, Food of the Gods, Xocolatl, Cocoa Full spectrum hydro-alcoholic extract of Theobroma cacao beans,... more info

Chondroitin sulfate powder

Also known as Chondroitin Introduction Chondroitin is a substance that occurs naturally in the connective tissues of people and animals. It is an... more info

Citicoline powder

Also known as CDP-Choline Introduction Citicoline (CDP-Choline) is a nutritional precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and functions as an... more info

Citrus peel extract
(50% polyphenols)
Citrus reticulata

Also known as Citrus reticulata Blanco Introduction Fruit belonging to the citrus family has been used by humans for thousands of years. Those in the... more info

Coenzyme Q10

Also known as CoQ10 (liposoluble), ubiquinone, ubidecarenone, coenzyme Q Introduction CoQ10 is a pseudo-vitamin found in near all animals and... more info

Curcuma masala teapills

A chai inspired masala spice blend consisting of turmeric, black pepper, cayenne, black seed, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, fennel, clove, and Cassia... more info

Curcumin 95%
(Turmeric extract)
Curcuma longa

Also known as Turmeric, Curcuma longa, curcumin Introduction Turmeric, a relative to the Ginger family, is native to India and is quite the amazing... more info

Daidzein 98%
(Soybean extract)
Glycine max

Also known as daidzein, soy isoflavone, Glycine max Standardized extract of glycine max, specified to a 98% concentration of daidzein. Introduction... more info


Also known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, androstenolone Introduction DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring hormone found within humans. It is... more info

DMAE powder

Also known as Dimethylethanolamine Introduction Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) is structurally related to and behaves much the same as choline, where it... more info

Ferrous sulfate (Iron)

Also known as Iron, Ferrous sulfate Introduction Iron is an essential mineral and nutrient required by the human body for proper functioning. It is... more info

Ferulic acid 99%
(Asian rice extract)
Oryza sativa

Also known as Trans-Ferulic acid, 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid, Trans-4-Hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid Introduction Ferulic acid is one of the... more info

Fucoxanthin 10%
(Kombu extract)
Laminaria japonica

Also known as Fucoxanthin, Laminaria japonica extract Introduction Fucoxanthin is a xanthophyll, a yellow pigment that occurs widely in nature which... more info


Also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric acid Introduction GABA is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. Its... more info

Giant knotweed extract
(50% trans-resveratrol)
Fallopia japonica

Also known as Giant knotweed extract, trans-resveratrol, Polygonum Cuspidatum, Fallopia japonica Introduction Giant knotweed, also known as Polygonum... more info

Glucosamine hydrochloride powder

Also known as Glucosamine.hcl (vegan) Introduction Glucosamine is a supplement originally derived from shellfish, being a constituent of the... more info

Goji berry extract
(40% polyphenols)
Lycium barbarum

Also known as Lycium barbarum Full spectrum hydro-alcoholic extract of goji berry, standardized to a 40% polyphenol content Introduction Lycium... more info

Grape seed extract
95% proanthocyanidins
Vitis Vinifera

Also known as Vitis Vinifera extract, Grape seed OPC extract Introduction Vitis Vinifera is one of the most cherished of all plants to humanity, the... more info

Grape skin extract
(30% polyphenols)
Vitis Vinifera

Also known as Vitis Vinifera extract Introduction Vitis Vinifera is one of the most cherished of all plants to humanity, the noble grape being a... more info

Green tea extract
(50% polyphenols)
Camellia sinensis

Also known as Camellia sinensis extract Introduction Camellia sinensis is an ancient Chinese herb that is now consumed throughout the planet for its... more info

Guarana extract
(20% caffeine)
Paullinia cupana

Also known as Paullinia cupana, Brazilian cocoa Full spectrum hydro-alcoholic extract of guarana seed, standardized to a 20% caffeine content... more info

Hordenine hydrochloride

Also known as Hordenine.hcl, N,N-dimethyltyramine Introduction Hordenine is a phenylethylamine type alkaloid derivative of the catecholamine... more info

Inositol powder

Also known as Myo-inositol, Vitamin B8 Introduction Myo-inositol, or simply inositol, is a carbocyclic sugar that is abundant in brain and other... more info

Kinetic Vitae teapills

Kinetic Vitae is a blend of antioxidants and amino acid derivatives designed to protect the body and brain from oxidative stress. The ingredients in... more info

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